South African Abalone Export Council

Abalone Dumplings

For about 25 dumplings

For the stuffing
10 g dried shiitake
50 g carrot
1 egg
3 pre-cooked abalone (about 200 g)
4 slices of ginger
1 spring onion
1 tbsp. mixture of white grape juice and rice vinegar
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
Salt and pepper to taste

For the dough (this can be substituted with store bought dumpling wrappers)
70 g wheat starch
30 g potato starch
120 ml boiling water
1 tbsp. vegetable oil

1. Soak the shiitakes in hot water for at least 1 hour.
2. Beat the egg and cook in an omelette in a frying pan over high heat, with 1 tbsp. oil. Cut the cooked omelette into small pieces.

3. Peel and finely dice the carrot. Drain the mushrooms and also finely dice them, the same for the abalone.
4. Chop the chives and the ginger.
5. Mix all the ingredients for the stuffing and put it in the fridge.

Making dough
1. Put the wheat and potato starch in a bowl that is heat resistant.
2. Gradually pour in the boiling water, stirring the starches constantly.
3. Cover the bowl with a plate and let the dough rest for 3 minutes before kneading.
4. After 3 minutes, knead the dough incorporating the lard, the kneading lasts only 1 to 2 minutes in order to obtain a shiny and soft ball.

Making the dumpling:
1. Form the dough into a thin sausage, cut into small pieces of 2 to 3 cm.
2. Flatten each piece into a patty and spread the patty with a pastry horn or a dumpling machine maker.
3. Steam over high heat for 5 minutes from boiling.

Enjoy them with a little black rice vinegar.