South African Abalone Export Council

Crispy Coconut Abalone

Crispy coconut abalone with yoghurt herb dip:


6 pieces of abalone sliced into bite sizes

2 – 3 eggs whisked

2 tbsp water

1 cup of flour

Spice of your choice

Panko breadcrumbs

Coconut shavings


Cooking oil

Dip: Basil leaves, olive oil, salt + Plain yoghurt


Heat oil to deep fry

Slice abalone into bite size pieces

In a bowl whisk the eggs and add water

In a separate bowl mix flour and spices

On a tray mix panko pack, coconut shavings and salt to taste

Dip abalone into flour, egg and then coconut mix

Fry abalone for 30 seconds

Yoghurt dip:

Crush some basil with some olive oil and some salt in a mortar and pestle

Add the basil mix to some plain yoghurt and serve